I have always had a passion for both color and fiber, inheriting this love and appreciation from a long line of Swedish seamstresses and embroiderers. My maternal grandmother sat me on her knee while she constructed garments and quilts on her treadle sewing machine, and then helped me construct similar items from her fabric remnants. During cold New England winters I slept under mounds of her lovingly hand sewn quilts, waking in the morning to run my fingers over her fine stitching. I looked for fragments of dresses and shirts she and my grandfather had once worn, now incorporated in her elaborate designs.

Later I learned Hardanger Embroidery. When visiting my great grandmother’s birthplace in Sweden, I was amazed to discover bed linens decorated using the very same technique. While this needlework is traditionally done in white and cream, I find bold and bright even more exciting and pleasing.

While taking long morning walks with my two dogs, my mind is often flooded with many visions, which I later attempt to expand by using silk, dyes, and paints. Colors are layered upon colors and images are repeated in various sizes. More texture is added by introducing my Zentangle doodles, sketches and hand-dyed embroidery threads. All of this allows me to share with others some of the images that run through my mind as I daydream.

Celestial Navigation
Circles Interrupted
Eco-Dyed Silk Cowl
In Orbit
Killin the Blues
Letters Home
Letters Home: 1970
New Year's Eve
Pickled Beets and Cherry Pits
Plum Blossom
Second Stage
Sun in the Stream
Tea Time